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What do we do in Ninja Talent?

Ninja Talent is born as a code certifier, providing technology tests with objective qualifications so that Ninjas can obtain a certificate that certifies their knowledge in one or more technologies.

Our mission, as Ninja Master is to share knowledge, evaluating aspiring teckys so they can improve by giving them feedback on their code.

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Values Ninja


We are committed to tech talent, seeking new solutions to the challenges we face.


We create, sustain and share our enthusiasm for what we do.


We work to provide the best service to the Ninjas, Ninja Masters and companies we collaborate with.


Thanks to our team of development and HR experts we offer a quality user experienc

Ninja Vision

We provide companies with an alternative to be able to be fair in the selection process and reduce the economic investment in the selection and training of new tecky staff.

Contribute to the development of programmers by offering them a fun method of evaluation and objective feedback so that they can continue their learning.

Visión Ninja

Proporcionamos a las empresas una alternativa para poder ser justos en la selección y poder reducir la inversión económica de la selección y formación de nuevo personal tecky.

Contribuir en el desarrollo de los  programadores ofreciéndoles un método divertido de evaluación y un feedback objetivo para que puedan continuar su aprendizaje.

Ninja Talent Team

After 8 years we realised that what we were doing was differentiating, if you want to certify in English you can, why doesn’t something similar exist in these languages?

That’s how Ninja Talent was born, to give professionals the opportunity to certify their knowledge, to mark the level and enhance their skills.

We bring together Ninjas, Ninja Masters, hybrids and HR to support the improvement of code and your user experience. Moreover, we have found that our method attracted talent and therefore, we decided to work hand in hand with professionals and companies to match if you are looking for a new opportunity.

Work is the activity we consciously spend the most time on per week, don’t settle, find your best development environment!

Equipo Ninja Talent

Después de 8 años nos dimos cuenta que lo que hacíamos era diferenciador, si en inglés te quieres certificar puedes, ¿por qué no existe algo parecido en estos lenguajes?

Así nació Ninja Talent, para dar la oportunidad a los profesionales de certificar sus conocimientos, de marcar el nivel y potenciar sus habilidades.

Unimos Ninjas, Ninja Masters, híbridos y RRHH para apoyar la mejora del código y tu experiencia de usuario. Además, hemos comprobado que nuestro método atraía talento y por ello, decidimos trabajar de la mano de profesionales y empresas para hacer match si buscas una nueva oportunidad.

El trabajo es la actividad a la que más tiempo dedicamos de manera consciente a la semana, no te conformes, ¡busca tu mejor entorno de desarrollo!

Ninja Talent in society


Committed to the professional growth of Ninjas, avoiding discrimination in the selection of IT profiles.


Selection by video call and online code testing, avoiding travel and documentation.


Savings in the selection and training of new employees, as the technical knowledge provided by the person who joins the company is real.


Improve selection and avoid discrimination of any kind.

Companies that find the best talent in Ninja

Estos son algunos de los colaboradores que ya trabajan con nosotros

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Centro de Innovación Las Rozas Innova. Calle Jacinto Benavente, 2A, 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid. (Madrid)

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